The Twin Coach Estates Story

Twin Coach Estates Homeowners Association originally opened in the late 1970s and is now a 64-site, resident-owned 55 and over manufactured home community.

But that transition didn’t happen overnight. We formed the Twin Coach Estates Homeowners Association, Inc., and started on the path to resident-ownership in 2013. That’s when, with the help of Cooperative Development Institute and ROC USA, LLC, we purchased and took control of our community on May 29, 2014.

Now, the resident-owned community (ROC) is not only a successful business, but also a thriving neighborhood.

The process of the resident-owned community buying the land beneath our neighborhood brought this community closer together. Not only do we know far more of our neighbors than ever before, but we look out for one another, too. And with no outside landlord to report to, we’re the envy of other nearby manufactured home communities.

Our Member households elect our Board of Directors, which works with a property management firm and also appoints various volunteer committees to help with special projects, celebrations, community improvements and more. The Board submits a budget every year, and the entire Membership votes on it and any changes to the rent before the budget becomes official. We’re running the business that is our community on our terms, by our rules, for the betterment of ourselves and our neighbors.

Twin Coach Estates is a well-established community in Lakeville, Mass., for people who enjoy convenient access to the city, and also want to be close to an abundance of outdoor activities. The name Lakeville is directly attributed to the lakes and ponds that make up nearly 20 percent of our town’s 36 square miles. These beautiful waterways provide us local opportunities for both recreation and serenity. We are also home to many parks and camps, including the Ted Williams Camp, once a summer baseball camp fun by the famed Hall of Famer. Our parks feature playgrounds and fields for all ages and beautiful refurbished buildings for people in the community. We are also surrounded by the rich history of our country, home to sacred burial grounds and less than 30 minutes from Plymouth Rock.

The beautiful sandy beaches and boardwalks of Cape Cod are an hour’s drive from Twin Coach Estates, which is why we are often called the “Gateway to Cape Cod.” The culture and history of Providence, R.I., and Boston are also about an hour’s drive away from our community. We are five minutes from a rail station where we can catch a train to Providence, Boston and even New York City. Lakeville has an active Council on Aging, which runs the Lakeville Senior Center, less than 10 minutes from Twin Coach Estates. Easy access to shopping, restaurants, entertainment, churches and hospitals are just a few local activities at our fingertips.

Twin Coach Estates is a well-established community for people who enjoy a welcoming neighborhood in an ideal location.

Ask anyone who lives in Twin Coach Estates, and we’re sure they’ll tell you it’s a little slice of heaven.